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Sunday, August 09, 2009

been too long..

it's been too long since i wrote anything in my blog.'s not like anyone would read it. still i think i will write things that has been going on in my life now. like my personal diary but on the net. i think i like to write but i don't know what to write. well.. 1st thing first. i got a new job. at jabatan pendaftaran negara. JPN in short form. basically i made identity cards for malaysian and birth and death certificates. it's been 17 months since i had this job. at first i was posted at putrajaya. but i don't want that. so i asked for a transfer. they posted me at jb. well better at jb than pj. but still it wasn't enough for me. i need to get back to bp. all my friends are here and i still miss my old job. so asked for another transfer. then 5 months ago i got transfered. huhu...oh the joy. i was getting really tired going back and forth form jb to bp every week. at last no more driving for 3 hours every week. getting up at 5.30 just to make the punch card not going red on me. but miss the hectic works at jb. even though it was very tiring but the experience is none to second. where can u find people always at their throat every second of their time. huh..but good experience. really good. now..the most recent stories. hahaha..think i'll post it another day. huhu..


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